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Booking an awesome party is quick, easy, and in most cases…Free! Just fill out the form below and someone will get in touch with you today!

Booking an awesome party is quick, easy, and in most cases…Free! Just fill out the form below and someone will get in touch with you today!

Book a Party

Special Occasions, Social Events, Group Outings & Office Parties, We do it all!

Emporium Arcade Bar is the best place to experience a group party in a fun and entertaining adult atmosphere. We specialize in booking events such as corporate and private parties, birthdays, bachelor & bachelorette parties, team building, friendly get-togethers, and various other types of social events. Our team will help you book, coordinate and plan your entire event.

We can handle groups with sizes of 5 to 500. For most groups with 30 people or less we typically reserve some space free of charge and let you handle your own cash bar, etc. You can even bring in your own food (or have catering).

Equipped with all the entertainment, full bar, and space you’ll need, Emporium Arcade Bar is the best place to book your next private party. Please feel free to contact us through the form above to plan your next group outing.

Group Info, Guidelines & Rules:

Free Table Reservations

  • For most groups 30 or less, the best option is to book a few tables.
  • Tables are free of charge and no minimum tab is required.
  • Tables will most likely NOT have enough seating for everyone in your party.
    • Most people spend their time walking around playing games and things at Emporium, not sitting down. Trust us on this one!
    • Tables serve as a home base for your group to hang out and a place to put down food/drinks/jackets.
    • For free table reservations, Emporium will select your tables based on party size and availability. We will provide as much space as possible depending on the size of the group but no specific amount of space is guaranteed upon making your reservation. We will do our best to accommodate requests but make no promises.
    • Paid space rentals are available to groups that would like a specific reserved area.
  • Someone from the group must show up on time for their reservation to claim the table and must check in with the door guy upon arrival to claim the table.
    • If a group is more than 10 minutes late, we reserve the right to pull the reservation and allow the other customers to use the table.
    • Please also let the door guy know when you are leaving or done with the tables.
  • The average reservation time is 3 hours. Let us know if you would like to make a longer reservation.
  • ALL MEMBERS of the group must be at least 21 years old with a valid ID on their person to be allowed entry.
  • An approximate headcount is required, so we can place groups at proper tables.
  • Keep an eye on all valuables, as we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Group cannot bring in outside beverages under any circumstances. This includes gifts.

Outside Food

  • Groups are allowed to bring in and have outside food delivered.
  • Groups are responsible for keeping their area clean and tidy during their time at Emporium.
  • Emporium Staff reserves the right to throw away unattended food.
  • Groups must clean up food after they are finished.
  • We can provide garbage bags if necessary.
  • We do not provide any plates, silverware, napkins, etc.
  • No heating devices, such as warming plates or Sterno candles, are permitted at any time.
  • No outside beverages, including sodas or nonalcoholic beverages, are permitted.

Token Packages

  • Discounted token deals are available for groups at 25% off when at least $40 in tokens are purchased ($30 in cost to the group).
    • We prefer to know ahead of time how many tokens you will want so they will be ready for your group, but you can let us know the night of your party.
  • We DO NOT buyback any tokens at the end of the night.

Drink Deals & Package Options

Cash Bar

  • Each person simply pays the regular price for their own drinks.

Group Tab

  • One person opens a tab for the entire group with these optional specific guidelines:
    • A maximum tab limit
      • Example: Do not exceed $300
      • We can keep you updated on the total throughout the night
    • A maximum drink value
      • Example: Only drinks $6 and under permitted on the tab
    • Specific allowed drinks
      • Example: Beer only or no shots
    • The group tab must be paid for by one person and we will hold the credit card until the tab is closed.

Drink Tickets

  • A set number of drink tickets can be purchased by a single member of the group and distributed to members of your group.
    • The value of the drink tickets can be discussed as well as the type of drinks allowed.
  • We DO NOT buy back unused drink tickets.
  • Differences for more expensive drinks can not be paid individually
    • Example: $2 cannot be paid in combination with a $5 drink ticket to cover the cost of a $7 drink.
  • Change for less expensive drinks is not given.
    • Example: $1 in change will not be given for a $4 drink purchased with a $5 drink ticket.

Open Bar Wristband Deals

  • EVERY MEMBER of the group must purchase the wristbands.
  • Minimum of 35 people.
  • Shots are NOT permitted with wristband deals.
  • People may not get drinks for other people who did not purchase wristbands.
  • If we see this happening, we reserve the right to end the wristband deal early at our discretion.
  • A single person must pay for all the wristbands and distribute to their group.
  • No individual pay system is permitted.
  • We allow you to return unused wristbands if the exact party size is unknown–must give a credit card to keep the number of wristbands bought open.
  • The average wristband deal runs for 3 hours.
  • Begins when the wristbands are purchased.
  • Cannot do individual start times for each member of the group.
  • Wristband Pricing options available upon request

Party Brochures

Select the city of your choice and click to view the available party options.

“ This is a really cool bar, especially for corporate parties. All my visiting friends that come for conventions are always impressed with it. Drinks are pretty good and aren’t overpriced. ”

Alexandra H.

“ Great place for a night out with your loved one! Friendly atmosphere! Terrific vibes! Cheap drinks! The best childhood games anyone can ask for!!! ”

Eric R.

“ Lots of pinball machines and some great old-school arcade machines. They also have billiards, air hockey, and Foosball. Also, the bar is huge and serves great drinks! ”

Nick R.

“ Even when it’s super crowded you can still get in on a game pretty quick. The pool tables are prime and the bartenders are chill. #Frogger ”

Preston O.

“ What a fun place!! Good food and drinks, great music. The arcade is my favorite! ”


“ Had a great time here with my friends. Had so much fun with the games and tokens. We also love the beer selection. It was a totally amazing night for us. ”

Julia S.

“ This place is f****ng awesome! Out bartender Marco was amazing. He is the world’s fastest mixologist. I highly recommend him if you go. Marco thank you for a great night….. ”

Juan M.

“ Sooooo much fun!!! Great drink selection and cool names for cocktails. Lots of space and games offered. Loved the movie playing on the big screen and the dance music over the speakers. You won’t be bored here. Two thumbs up. ”

Halley S.

“ What a fun way to spend a couple of hours with friends..grab a beer and play some arcade games from years ago. Well-maintained machines and the pinball machines play like new. Will return! ”

Matt M.