Group Info San Francisco

With a full capacity of 900ppl, our restored theater boasts 4 levels of games in a unique environment. For parties of 8ppl to 40ppl, we offer free table reservations. For groups up to 225ppl (max), reserving our top level, The Skydeck gives you a private space with a full bar while also being able to move throughout the venue. For groups over 250ppl, we can work with you to create an unforgettable private full-venue experience. We boast 6 large screens, in addition to our 50’ movie screen, and a state-of-the-art sound system that provides ample opportunities for presentations, slideshows, logos, etc. We will collaborate with you to host your next corporate meeting, fundraiser, birthday, or company party that will leave your guests talking about it for years to come!


  • All members of the group must be at least 21 years old and must provide valid physical photo ID.
  • Keep an eye on all valuables, as we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • No outside beverages, including non-alcoholic beverages, are permitted. This also includes alcoholic presents for celebrations.
  • We do not offer bottle service.
  • We do not have a coatcheck.
  • Sorry, no pets are allowed.


Please note that we keep many tables available to the public and available on a first-come basis. People tend to walk around a lot here and usually overestimate the amount of seated table space they need reserved. We do not take reservations for groups less than 8 people because they are rarely necessary.

  • For most groups under cumulatively 40 people making a simple free table reservation is the easiest way to bring a casual group outing to Emporium. Reservations are free of charge and no minimum tab is required.
  • For free table reservations we choose your space. We will do our best to reserve as much space as possible but generally we do not guarantee a specific area or amount of space for free tables. Generally expect 1 seat for every 2-3 people in your group. Paid section rentals are available that will guarantee specific seating.
  • Someone from the group must show up on time for their reservation and must check in with our bar staff upon arrival to claim the table. If a group is more than 10 minutes late, we reserve the right to pull the reservation and allow the other customers to use the table. Please also let us know when you are leaving or done with the tables.
  • The guaranteed reservation time is 3 hours.
  • An approximate head count is required, so we can place groups at proper tables. Please provide us with the most accurate and updated info about your headcount, especially if it changes between booking and your party date.
  • We’re in an old, historic building with multiple levels and no elevator/escalator. Please let us know in advance of any guests that have difficulty with steps and we will do our best to accommodate a reservation on the first floor.


For large groups we can work out a custom package deal to make sure that you have the exact experience you desire. We can do large fully catered corporate affairs or casual meet-ups. We will make sure that you get the exact beverage, space and game play options that suit your group for the best possible price.


Section rentals are available and pricing depends on a variety of factors including group size and day/time of the week. Section rentals guarantee an amount of seats and/or the location of your reservation. Space rental fees are exclusive of drinks and game tokens. For groups larger than 40ppl we can provide custom pricing options. Some popularly requested options include:

$100/hr (3 hour minimum) – Section for up to 20 people (12 seated)
$167/hr (3 hour minimum) – Section for up to 40 people (25 seated)


  • We do not have a kitchen or serve food here but…
  • BYOF! Groups are allowed to bring in and have outside food delivered. Whatever you want!
  • We only ask a few things… Groups must clean up any mess and/or leftovers from outside food brought in. We will provide trash cans and garbage bags.
  • Please make an effort to keep the food on your table in an orderly fashion.
  • Do not leave food unattended. We reserve the right to dispose of any food left unattended. If you must leave your food then please leave it in an orderly, non-disgusting manner.
  • We do not provide any plates, utensils, napkins, tablecloths, etc.
  • Metal knives are not allowed as they are considered to be a weapon. We recommend bringing a plastic spatula for food cutting & serving.
  • We do not accept food deliveries for groups. Please meet any food delivery drivers in the lobby and then show them to your reserved tables. 
  • No heating devices such as warming plates or Sternos candles are permitted at any time.
  • No outside beverages, including non-alcoholic beverages, are permitted. This also includes alcoholic presents for celebrations.
  • If you are choosing between something really messy/smelly/wet and something that isn’t, may we suggest the latter ????
  • Please order an appropriate amount of food to avoid food waste.


  • Minimal Decorations are permitted on the tables.
  • Confetti, glitter, feathers, stickers, or any similar small, difficult to clean up items are NOT permitted.
  • Groups must clean up all decorations after their party is done with the table.
  • Balloons containing confetti are not allowed. Additionally, please do not send your balloons up to our very, very high ceilings. They need to be weighed down at all times.
  • Do not tape banners etc. to the art murals. This should be a no-brainer but it’s happened.


We’re located in the bustling NOPA neighborhood just blocks from Alamo Square park. There are no parking garages nearby and street parking can be challenging depending on the time of day/night. We recommend public transit and ride sharing services.


Our games only take our Emporium branded tokens.

  • Our games take between 1 and 4 tokens, and a token = $.25. Most games are $1 per play.
  • Unlimited tokens for the duration of your 3hr reservation are available for $20 per head (full party participation required). This option is not recommended on busy weekend nights. We require the total to be paid in full upon arrival.People may not give tokens to other people who did not purchase the package. If we see this happening, we reserve the right to end the token deal early with no refund.
  • Pay as you go tokens are available at a discounted rate of 25% off when at least $40 in tokens are purchased ($30 in cost to group). The discount remains in effect throughout the duration of your reservation time.

NOTE: We prefer to know ahead of time how many tokens you will want so they will be ready for your group, but you can let us know the night of your party. We always recommend starting with less and adding more later. People often overestimate how many they will need. We DO NOT buy back any tokens.


  • Cash Bar – Each person simply pays regular price for their own drinks. Easy. Peasy.
  • Group Tab – One person opens a group tab for the entire group with any/all of these optional tab guidelines. For example:     
    • A maximum tab limit eg. “Do not exceed $1000 on the tab please.”
    • A maximum drink value eg. “Nothing over $10 on the tab please.”
    • Specific allowed drinks eg. “Beer and wine only on the tab please.”

Please inquire about other bar package options for groups larger than 40 people including open bar packages and other options.