5 Thrilling Things to Do in Oakland, California

It’s Friday night and you’re itching to go do something out on the town. You’ve been working all day and all week on your computer. It’s time to get out.

But what are the best things to do in Oakland, California? What should be on your list for this Friday night? With so many things to do in Oakland, it can be hard to narrow it down!

Here’s a list of the top five thrilling things to do!

1. Go to an Arcade Bar

When you were little, going to the arcade was probably one of the most fun things to do for you. When you think of that now, it may not seem as appealing. But what if we said an arcade had its own bar?

Sounds a lot better, right?

Going to the arcade bar in Oakland is the perfect thing to do for a fun afternoon or evening out! Play a game on the air hockey table, try out different themed pinball machines, play Frogger, or have a competitive game of Foosball.

You can even check if they are hosting any events if you want to go to the arcade bar during one of them.

Order an innovative cocktail from Emporium’s menu, listen to live music, and enjoy running around (maybe walking so you don’t spill your drink) the arcade.

2. Visit Jack London Square

Not everyone has a thrill-seeking adventure sprint. But if eating to your heart’s desire and sipping on great cocktails sounds thrilling to you, this is the place to be.

Located right on the water, Jack London Square is a beautiful place to go for views of the city at night. On top of the great views of San Francisco, you’ll be surrounded by a relaxed vibe when you need it most.

Do you love live jazz music? Head on over to Yoshi’s.

Craving some BBQ? Try out Everett & Jones.

Tacos? Go to Nido.

If you head down to Jack London Square early enough on a Friday evening, or even Saturday during the day, you’ll want to check out the Oakland Urban Wine Trail. There is also a farmer’s market you can go to on Saturday mornings.

3. Try Out an Escape Room 

You have limited time to get out. The time is counting down, and you have to accomplish things before that happens to get the key to the room.

In the escape room, you can choose from working with an elite society and have 60 minutes to pass their initiation challenge. You could try out the Alchemist escape room, where you have to pass the chemist’s trials to get out.

There are so many more themes, but each one comes with its own challenges to escape the room on time.

If you have a larger group or want to host an event at the escape room, most allow larger parties of up to around 20 people.

4. Play Mini-Golf

If you’re looking for something fun to do in Oakland, playing a round of mini-golf is always a fun option.

At Golden Tee Golfland, there are two courses that you can choose from (or you could do both!). Both of them offer a fun course and a challenging setting.

To play one round of 18 holes is $14 for general admission, but cheaper for seniors and young ones. If you want to play more, you can head back inside and buy another ticket!

Once you are done playing outside on the mini-golf course, you can check out the arcade games inside! You can play racing games, shooting games to conquer the aliens and the robots, and win prizes with skill games.

5. Sip a Few Beers at Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon 

It’s more than just a saloon. Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon is a diver in Oakland, built out of the remains of a whaling ship. It’s also been in operation for almost 150 years.

With that said, it can be thrilling to just walk inside a building that’s made out of ship remains and is still standing after that long!

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in is how uneven the floors are, and by uneven we mean a few feet of uneven walking material. After the earthquake, no one bothered to fix the floor because that would involve shutting down to do so. That was a no in Heinold’s book!

You’ll also notice signed dollar bills on the wall, which came from old soldiers and sailors who signed their money to claim it when they came back. But from the looks of it, not many made it back that way.

This bar has been through it all. From the Great Depression to the World Wars and now a world pandemic, it has a world of history that you don’t want to miss. Just ask someone at the bar to print out the history for you!

Don’t Miss These Thrilling Things to Do in Oakland, CA

If you’re bored on a Friday night or are just looking for fun things to do in Oakland, CA, on a Saturday morning, these are just a few attractions in Oakland that you don’t want to miss!

If you’re ready for a fun adventure, you can book a party or head on over to the Emporium Arcade Bar for a night full of great cocktails and fun games!

And after that, you can see where the night brings you!

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