7 Tips for Choosing a Party Venue for Your Next Event

Did you ever receive an invite to a party and audibly groan? We’ve all been there. It’s hard to get pumped about spending hours at a stuffy venue with a restrictive dress code, where you’ll spend the night making small talk with people you only kind of know. 

Now it’s your turn to plan a party. How can you ensure that the invite for your next event leads to an instant, enthusiastic RSVP? 

As the hottest retro arcade bar in America, we might be biased, but we think the venue plays a major role! Awesome event venues can set the entire tone of your event from the moment guests arrive. Meanwhile, a boring venue can make for a forgettable affair. 

How can you be sure you’re booking a venue that will keep your guests talking about the party for months… or years… to come?

We’ve compiled this list of seven of our best tips for choosing a rockin’ venue for your next party or event, whatever it may be! Keep reading and you’ll become the next venue guru.

Maybe we’ll even see you at Emporium Arcade Bar!? 

Tip #1: Consider Unique Venues

Sure, you could hold your party at the same milquetoast catering hall where you had your superbly awkward Sweet Sixteen… or you can look outside of the box and hold it somewhere unique! Many off-the-wall locations are willing to rent out their space for private parties and events. From aquariums to arcades, there’s an unconventional location for any bash you can imagine! 

Best of all, the more unique the venue, the more likely it is to have a variety of open dates. That increases the odds of throwing a birthday party or anniversary bash on the actual day! 

Tip #2: Choose a Great Location

If you want all of your guests to RSVP “Yes!” then you need to look into party venues that they can get to! Is your venue accessible by public transportation? Does it offer parking and access for rideshare vehicles, if your guests have a bit of tipsy fun? 

The easier it is to get to the party and back, the more likely folks will be to make the effort. This is especially true if you’ll be hosting a celebration for out-of-town guests. Plus, it cuts down on frantic, last-minute calls from friends who got lost on the way! 

Tip #3: The Right Sized Space Matters

A handful of guests will feel awkward in a cavernous event hall. A hoard of partygoers will feel cramped in a tiny restaurant. Take a note from Goldilocks and choose the venue that can comfortably accommodate your guests, whether your event is big or small. 

At some venues, like Emporium, you can reserve a few tables without having to book the whole space. Meanwhile, if you need to host hundreds, you can rent out the entire Arcade Bar. 

Tip #4: Look for Amenities 

Some event venues will gladly rent you a room… and that’s about it. Sure, you can probably bring in a band, but what else will your guests do during the party? The less your venue offers, the more vendors you’ll have to bring in, which means tons of moving parts, tips, and coordination.

Consider a venue with all of the amenities you need already on site! Emporium has everything, From a full cash bar to a suite of playable classic arcade games. Plus, do you know of any other venue that will let you order a bunch of pizzas and go buck wild?

At the right venue, you don’t even need to think about decor. Pick an awesome setting packed with charm and you’ve got it covered! 

Tip #5: Focus On Flexibility

At some event venues, you’re limited to a set of specific vendors. You need to use their DJs, caterers, and event planners. It sounds more like their party than yours! 

A flexible venue offers you options. They might even be able to recommend a few high-quality vendors who have been excellent in the past. At the end of the day, however, flexibility means that you’ll maintain some control over the vibe… and you can take the credit when everyone has a blast! 

Tip #6: Don’t Bend on Your Budget

A lot of venues will try to bind you into restrictive party packages, meaning you’ll have to pay for stuff you don’t necessarily want. This can be a burden if you’re aiming for a more casual gathering than a formal affair. Look for a venue with a DIY sensibility and you’ll be able to maintain some control over what you spend.

At Emporium, you can gather your buddies together and have them pay their own way. If you’re feeling generous, you can supply open bar wristbands, drink tickets, unlimited token packages, and more. 

Tip #7: Always Read Reviews

Nobody knows more about a venue than someone who has thrown an event there! Take the time to seek out some reviews and see what happy party hosts loved. You can often find reviews about several event types, from corporate events to intimate gatherings. 

You can also check out an event in action before you commit to renting out a space. Judge the vibe for yourself. Can you imagine your guests there?

Hold Your Next Event at Emporium Arcade Bar

Why not hold your next event at an unconventional party venue with the ambiance and entertainment built right in? Emporium Arcade Bar is full of nostalgic pinball machines and classic arcade cabinets that will keep your guests busy all night long! We’ll take care of the hip decor, the music, and the cash bar.

Emporium can accommodate hundreds of guests, but if you’re keeping it small, you can reserve a table for a group of up to 50 guests for free – bring your own food! Need a little help working on the logistics? Reach out today to book the most unique venue in Chicago, Oakland, or San Francisco! 

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