The Ultimate Guide to Planning an Event for a Large Group

Event planning can create long-lasting memories and it can be quite a task. Everyone wants to be the host of memorable events. Last year alone there were 184.5 million United States adults that planned on hosting a Superbowl party. 

Planning an event can be time-consuming while requiring much detail and energy. Luckily we have the ultimate guide to planning an event for a large group. 

Set a Clear Budget 

The first priority when it comes to planning a party is choosing a calculated amount of money that you are willing and able to spend. This is going to cover your expenses like the venue, party supplies, food, amusement, etc. 

Remember to consider the smaller details too as this will also be included in your budget. If you are working with a smaller budget you can do things like shrinking the guest list to make stretch the money a little farther. This will invest more in the guests that show up and ensure that all expectations are met. 

Pick Your Theme

Setting a theme can help with a lot of the planning details because it narrows down what items you will have at the event. Make sure that guests know the theme and what to expect so they can participate in every aspect of the event. Even if the theme is something simple, that’s okay. 

Make an Event Master Plan

Once you have the key details like costs and theme, you can now start to build a timeline. This will help you make sure that everything remains on track and it will make coordination easier. Here are some aspects that you should put on the event plan: 

  • Venue and logistics of timing
  • Putting together a team to help coordinate
  • Activities and entertainment
  • Materials needed like speakers and other various equipment

Find a Good Location 

The perfect event venue will entice guests to want to attend the event more. You want to make sure that there is enough space and that it is accessible. The easier it is to get somewhere the more likely someone will make the effort to go. 

Many locations will provide extra amenities which can really help transform the party and help take away the burden of planning it all. Emporium offers a full bar, entertainment through games, and food. Sometimes you won’t need the extra decor if you are at the right venue. 

Organize Catering Service 

When dealing with every aspect of the event plans, food should not be something you worry about with planning large events. Good food will help the event be a success. Catering professionals are able to prep, serve and clean up food so that you have one less thing to worry about. 

Keep in mind some people have dietary restrictions so you will need options. When meeting with your caterer consider these details: 

  • How many guests will be there?
  • What is the formality of the event?
  • Will there be seating arrangements or will it be buffet style?
  • Will there be drinks included? 

Choose Entertainment 

The entertainment you choose should reflect the theme and leave your guests feeling excited or impressed. If you do research on what entertainment fits best for your event, make sure that you meet with them to discuss your needs well before. 

There are so many different entertainment options you can choose from depending on the area you are in. Events and music can go a long way. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Musicians and Live Bands
  • Fireworks
  • Comedians 
  • Dancers
  • Live Art Shows
  • Acrobats

Hire a Photographer 

One of the key moments of events is the enjoyment of the memories after it’s over. There is no better way to do this than to have a professional photographer capture the best photos. You can feel the excitement at the moment which turns into a long-lasting memory. 

Photographers can be expensive, but they have a range of skills that can capture rare moments throughout the event. Many people are now opting for photo booths installed at their venue. 

This gives guests the freedom to take their own photos and feel more comfortable. You will have a collection of silly photo strips before the night is over. 

Party Decorations 

With more serious planning taken care of, finding the right props, arrangements, and detailing can be fun and exciting. It can be hard to find the right decor, but this is where picking a theme comes into play. Make sure to stick to your theme so you don’t have random pieces that don’t make sense. 

Try to visualize each area of the event: bar, dance floor, chill area, and stage. You should try to pinpoint things that you can use to fit the theme in every area. If you maximize the use of areas you might find you don’t really need too many added decorations. 

Send Out Invitations

This should have a few steps to it because you want people to have plenty of time to prepare for the event. With busy adult lives, it’s almost crucial to send out save the dates for a big event. 

A few months after formal invitations should follow your method of RSVP. Make sure that you have a trustworthy system for your RSVPs that way you can know exactly how many guests to expect. 

Invitations can be made easily through a design website like, or you can hire a professional for quality. Make sure you are still sticking to your theme and that your invite provides sufficient information that guests would like to know. 

Start Planning an Event Today

When you follow these steps, you will start to see that planning an event can be enjoyable and manageable. The earlier you plan, the better it will be. As long as you have an amazing venue that offers your guests fun, you will leave your guests feeling happy and satisfied. 

Plan your perfect large event today! For more tips and tricks on what a successful event looks like check out our other articles!

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