10 Best Bachelor Party Ideas That Are Fun and Memorable

Leaving the life of a bachelor can be exciting, but how can you have one last fun adventure with your friends beforehand?

The answer is to host a bachelor party, but many men have a hard time coming up with good ideas. Fortunately, you can do a variety of things with your friends, but if you don’t plan efficiently, you may not have a good experience.

Emporium Arcade Bar will help you start planning your party by providing you with the best bachelor party ideas. No matter what your interests are, we can ensure you have a good time.

1. Party at an Arcade

One of the best bachelor party ideas we can give you is to host yours at an adult arcade. This is a great way to enjoy some classic games with friends while also experimenting with a variety of beverages.

At a place like the Emporium Arcade Bar, you can do both of these at affordable rates. You can find an Emporium in several locations throughout Chicago, New Orleans, and San Francisco. The several locations allow you to easily plan your trip without worrying about hefty travel expenses.

2. Go on a Gambling Trip

Another great bachelor party idea is to go on a gambling trip in Las Vegas if you and your friends enjoy sports betting and casino games.

In Las Vegas, you will find a plethora of casinos and restaurants that offer gambling services. To plan the perfect trip, consider staying there for the weekend. This will give you and your friends plenty of time to visit several of the best casinos Vegas has to offer.

Keep in mind that a Vegas trip can be quite expensive. Because of this, you must ensure that everyone is aware of the trip well in advance. You can also cut costs by sharing a space to stay.

3. Stay at a Log Cabin

One of the most common bachelor parties that many men do involves staying at remote log cabins. Doing this allows everyone to better connect without outside distractions. It’s also a great way to enjoy the outdoors on a budget.

Depending on where you want to go, you can find deals for cabins that offer extra things to do. For example, some owners may provide free paddle boats, fishing gear, and other outdoor equipment. You can also bring your own equipment, but finding a deal like this would ensure that everyone can get involved.

To get the most out of a bachelor party at a log cabin, think about whether you want to go during a warm or cold season. This will ensure you can plan the right activities for the weather. However, you should always take some things to do indoors in case a storm hits.

4. Play Paintball

Regardless of what your budget is like, paintball is an excellent way to spend a bachelor party. Many venues allow you to rent equipment, and everyone can learn how to play within a few minutes. Creating your own rules is also possible, but you should verify with a venue beforehand.

If you or someone you know has a large plot of land, you can set up your own course instead of going to a venue. However, this may require everyone to invest in equipment, and some may be unwilling to.

Depending on the venue, you can reserve the entire place or a large section for your group for a few hours. Keep in mind that people may get tired fast, so you should plan another activity to do before or afterward.

5. See a Comedy Show

Although visiting a comedy club isn’t a traditional thing to do for a bachelor party, it can be a great event for those who love comedy. Many clubs offer food and drinks to guests, so you can comfortably spend an hour or two at one.

The only downside to visiting a comedy club is that they often don’t welcome large groups. However, if you plan on taking a small group, you should not have any issues reserving a table.

You can also hire a comedian to perform at a party you host, but you may need to spend more than you would by visiting a club. Note that local comedians will be much more affordable than those with bigger names.

6. Go to a Concert

Similar to visiting a comedy club, going to a concert is another non-traditional activity to do for a bachelor party. However, the number of people you go with doesn’t matter, provided everyone has a ticket.

Concerts often vary in length depending on the number of artists and set times, but you can expect at least 2 hours of performance. The popularity of an artist can also determine how early you should arrive if you want to comfortably get situated.

Many bachelors choose to go to concerts after doing other activities throughout the day. For example, one may share some drinks with friends for a few hours before visiting the venue. 

Look for upcoming concerts and determine whether any of them are worth going to. You can typically find concert information about big artists several months in advance.

7. Go Bar Hopping

Bar hopping is a fun activity that revolves around visiting several bars in one evening. It’s a great way to learn about new bars, meet new people, and have a sense of adventure with your friends. 

Bar hopping can be tricky to execute with a large group, but planning efficiently will make things much easier. If you want to do this for your bachelor party, you should scout out the bars you will visit. Going to a larger city is optimal because you will have more options within walking distance.

You must also consider the fact that bars tend to get busier as the night goes on. Going with your group early will give everyone plenty of time to get in and out of each place without having to wait in line.

8. Play Golf

Golf is not only a great way to spend an afternoon, but it’s also great for celebrating a major life transition. The best thing about it is that you can play traditional games or visit driving ranges like Topgolf. 

Traditional golf is best for those who already know how to play, but anyone can learn. Driving ranges are often more relaxed and offer a variety of services for everyone.

The main benefit of playing traditional golf for a bachelor party is being able to compete with friends for the last time as a “single” man. However, visiting a driving range is much easier for larger groups that want to golf while also drinking and eating.

9. Go Sea Fishing

Any group of friends that enjoys the outdoors must consider sea fishing for a bachelor party.

Like many outdoor activities, sea fishing offers a unique way to bond with others. It often involves taking a boat out to the sea and fishing for a variety of things that you can’t find in local ponds or lakes, like tuna and sardines.

The cost of chartering a boat can be several thousand dollars, but it’s quite affordable if everyone chips in (and they should be expected to). You can also expect to have it for several hours or days, giving you plenty of time to party and do other activities.

10. Host a Barbecue

Everyone loves a good barbecue (BBQ), especially when it’s to celebrate a major event.

Hosting a BBQ can benefit any bachelor who wants to enjoy their time with friends in a private setting. It’s also much more affordable than a variety of other things, and it can be just as fun.

Many people enjoy having BBQs during warm weather, though you can also host one when it’s colder. Should you do one in the cold, consider making a small bonfire for everyone to keep warm.

If you don’t have space to host a barbecue, look for party venues in the area you desire. A friend may also be willing to lend their space.

Tips to Get the Most Out of a Bachelor Party

Despite having all of these ideas, you must do several things to ensure your bachelor party is not only entertaining but also an unforgettable experience. 

Fortunately, a few simple tips will help you host the best party, regardless of the activities you will do. Here are some of the most effective tips:

Focus on Your Friends

A bachelor party is supposed to revolve around the soon-to-be groom and his close friends. Because of this, you should center your party around you and those who will be there. While you shouldn’t completely ignore your partner, you must remember that they will not be attending.

Many bachelors choose to keep to themselves during their parties, but their partners typically host parties of their own. If you intend to keep things private, encourage your friends to do the same. However, don’t expect them to be as private as you will be.

Do Several Things

While you can host a party at a single venue, you should plan a variety of activities for everyone to do throughout the day or evening. This will prevent anyone from getting bored, and it will make the entire experience unique and memorable.

If you review the ideas above, you will notice that many of them can be done within one day. For example, you can go sea fishing in the morning and then visit bars with entertainment in the evening.

Doing several activities will require spending more, but you can find a plethora of affordable options.

Get Ideas from Friends

To further help you plan a fun adventure, you should encourage your friends to give you some ideas. Many bachelors choose to have their best men plan their parties, but involving all friends can make the experience better for everyone.

After getting a few ideas from them, you can have a group discussion to determine what exactly you should do. Keep in mind that a bachelor party is a pre-wedding tradition that is not only about celebrating the bachelor but also about thanking everyone involved in their life.

Avoid Difficult Activities

One of the best tips we can give you is to avoid difficult activities that may prevent everyone from participating. For example, an activity like camping is much simpler than skiing.

While both can be fun, skiing is something that many people don’t actively practice. The only time you should include a harder activity is if everyone you invite knows it.

Budget Appropriately

No matter the types of activities you plan on doing at your bachelor party, you must budget appropriately. Without a solid budget, you may not be able to do everything you would like.

Fortunately, if you plan a few months in advance, everyone should have enough time to get money together. When you know exactly what you will do, research the best options and let everyone know what they can expect to pay.

The exact amount you will need will vary depending on the activities, location, and food. Because it’s a bachelor party, you should not try to limit your options. Instead, make your budget as flexible as possible to ensure you have extra funds during the event.

As the date approaches, confirm attendance to get a better idea of how much everyone must have. If someone cannot make the event, a flexible budget will prevent you from having to change plans.

Use These Best Bachelor Party Ideas

After reading this guide, you now know about the best bachelor party ideas for bachelors of any age. This advice will help you start planning the party of your dreams, no matter what your budget is like.

With this information in mind, we encourage you to visit the Emporium Arcade Bar to truly have the best experience. At one of our venues, you and your friends can get all of the entertainment you need before your upcoming life transition. You can also enjoy a wide variety of drinks at affordable rates.

Contact us now to learn more about hosting a bachelor party with us!

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