Out of the Office, Into Fun: 6 Company Outing Ideas for All Seasons

You may wonder how simple company outing ideas can transform your team’s dynamics and get them back in the game. Here at Emporium Arcade Bar, we know the secret to a thriving group lies in effective communication and bonding beyond the walls of your offices. So, what does that look like, and how can you grasp it with both hands to get the most out of those under your wing?

The following six ideas are all unique and engaging ways to give your team more than a simple break from their day-to-day. Reading through them one by one, you will learn how you can get the most out of each activity and have a bit of fun yourself.

1. Testing Teams in Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a recent breakout hit with many groups, as they provide not only a group activity but a cerebral challenge, too. Such activities can provide a level of escapism and enjoyment of a common theme while promoting collaboration.

Any group outing that boosts your team’s ability to communicate and solve problems together fulfills your needs. As such, escape rooms can offer these in spades.

Groups in an escape room will also face time-limited challenges. These can help encourage people to work together and delegate activities.

Such dynamics can often boost a group’s ability to work under pressure and even help you to see who the real leaders are. If you wish, you can add an element of competitive fun if you have too many people to run through all at once by seeing who finishes the fastest.

Due to the wide range of different themes and difficulties when it comes to these experiences, they will work for many different teams. You only need to work out what every group will enjoy.

2. The Risks and Rewards of a Casino Night

If you’re planning to visit the Las Vegas area on a company holiday, consider the allure of visiting a casino. After all, poker, blackjack, or other games can boost strategic thinking and decision-making skills. Along with the glitz and glamor of such venues, you will create an experience people will not forget soon.

Booking out venues for casino nights can also help you keep people safe. You do not need to go to real casinos but run an event involving zero real risk.

If you do run this yourself, you could even make it a charity event and get employees to tell you who they want to donate their “winnings” to. Players may then band together and try to earn larger amounts as groups, celebrating shared success with no real worry about losses.

3. Unveiling Local History With Ghost Tours

Events like Ghost Tours combine spooky entertainment with local education. They offer insights into local history while creating a small adventure for those who work in your team. If they are easily scared, they can often bond under the idea of supporting one another as they follow the tour guide to the next location.

Choosing the tour can be hard if there are plenty in the area. So, try to discover if your team prefers horror, true crime, or some other theme when it comes to their spooky stories.

4. Group Parties at the Emporium Arcade Bar

For a fun work outing with plenty of varied activities that take people back to a younger age, you can always try an arcade bar. They offer a relaxed atmosphere for people to bond in. At the same time, activities like billiards and arcade games can create light-hearted competition, too.

The Emporium Arcade Bar is one such franchise with venues across the country. They also receive high praise for their food, showcasing a real drive to create unforgettable evenings. Along with a fully-stocked bar and live music, they can present a long night filled with frivolity, no matter your team.

5. Fantastical Team Building With Professional Dungeons & Dragons

Spending time around a table with refreshments and dice-rolling need not always involve risking money. Team-building activities also do not always need to be loud, though, depending on your team, they may still create their own noise. 

This game has evolved into a multimillion-dollar lifestyle brand with movies, TV shows, and even premier vacations. It is no longer something you will only find in libraries and basements. Even popular celebrities have excitedly described their experiences in the game of late.

Even if your team has not played such games before, there is every chance they have tried out a video game or two. They should pick up the basics fast enough to empower them. After all, a good game of “D&D” can boost decision-making, improvisational thinking, and strategic skills.

So, get in contact with a high-profile Dungeon Master in your area and start an adventure you will be talking about in the office for years to come. With enough convincing, your team may even start their own game, boosting camaraderie without further input from you. If your social media manager starts talking about Baldric the Bard, for example, you know you’ve succeeded.

6. Building Team Spirit at Local Ball Games

If your local area has a favored team, consider joining the growing number of companies that are choosing to take people out to a sporting event. Even the quietest member of a team can get invested when hearing the roar of a crowd around them. Do not be surprised if your team starts cheering and screaming in the shared experience of their home team’s win or commiserate in their loss.

More Specific Company Outing Ideas

As you finish researching these ideas, remember that places like the Emporium Arcade Bar are not only venues. Locations like that also have the potential for unforgettable team experiences they will talk about for years to come.

So, whether your company outing ideas involve a fantastical dungeon or a spirited night in an arcade, we aim to be the highlight of your year. If you want to know more about what we can do to elevate your team building, look into booking a party today. We can make your greatest group outing dreams a reality.

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