10 Ideas for Employee Appreciation Celebrations

67% of employees in the U.S. say that they don’t always feel appreciated at work. However, an employee who feels appreciated will be much more productive and will be more loyal to the company they work for.

If you want to retain employees, keep your team satisfied, and ensure that your employees are doing great work, you should take time to show them your appreciation. Planning an employee celebration can help you build a stronger connection with your team and will help them feel more engaged in the workplace.

Here are 10 ideas for employee appreciation celebrations that you should consider.

1. Visit a Bar Arcade

Playing games during an employee celebration can be a great way to bring your team together and allow them to have a fun experience at the same time. One of the best options for playing games with your employees is to take them to a video game bar.

At a video game bar such as Emporium, employees will have a blast playing pinball and arcade games while also enjoying amazing cocktails as well. Playing games can make for excellent bonding experiences, so consider planning a party at an arcade for your next employee celebration.

2. Volunteer With Your Team

Planning a volunteering day is another popular option for an employee appreciation event. Spending time volunteering will bring your team together while also helping your local community and feeling good about giving back. 

Spending a day helping out at a senior living center, a homeless shelter, a humane society, or another local organization can be well worth it and can serve as a wonderful bonding experience for you and your team.

3. Invite a Guest Speaker

If you want to host an employee celebration event, you might want to consider bringing in a guest speaker who can share their knowledge with your team.

A guest speaker can help give your employees knowledge and motivation at work. They can also help break up the monotony of the daily routine at the same time. 

4. Plan a Happy Hour

Planning a team happy hour as part of your employee appreciation celebration can be a good idea as well. A happy hour can serve as a good bonding experience and can be a lot of fun. It can give your team a chance to relax and get to know each other in a more relaxed setting.

If you host a happy hour, however, be sure to be mindful of those on your team who don’t drink and provide alternative options to them. You might also want to consider cutting the workday short a bit to make time for the happy hour. This will help ensure that you don’t exclude anyone from being able to attend an after-hours event. 

5. Take Your Employees to Lunch

Simply hosting a team lunch at a local restaurant or event venue can also be a great choice for a company party.

Consider taking your employees away from the office and showing them a great dining experience for an hour or two. This can be a great way to connect with your team while ensuring that everyone has a good time indulging their taste buds and being social with their coworkers.

6. Show a Movie

Planning a movie viewing with your team can also be a great way to provide a bonding experience and celebrate your team’s hard work. Consider showing a recent blockbuster or a classic movie to your employees and giving them a chance to relax during the work day. 

Consider providing employees with some food or snacks to eat as part of your celebration as well. Providing pizza or another meal during the screening can make for an even more relaxing and enjoyable experience. 

7. Recognize Your Employees

As part of a corporate event, you may want to simply recognize your employees for a job well done.  Consider having an award ceremony and handing out certificates or awards to specific employees who did exceptional jobs and accomplished great things.

Formally recognizing your employees can go over well and can be an excellent way to spend time celebrating your team’s successes.

8. Give Out Free Merch

Everybody loves receiving gifts and free stuff, so consider handing out company-branded items as part of an employee celebration. 

If you have branded pins, water bottles, coffee cups, or clothing, consider giving them out to team members to make everyone excited and to foster more company morale and pride. By handing out plenty of swag, your employees will feel like an even bigger part of your brand.

9. Make It a Free Day

Consider sending your team home and giving them an extra day off or giving them a remote working day to reward them for a job well done. Remote workers are actually 13% more productive than other employees.

Even if employees truly enjoy coming to the office each day, it can be nice to stay at home every once in a while for an extra day off as well. Consider rewarding them in this way if you want to get their attention and make them feel appreciated.

10. Take a Field Trip

Organizing a field trip to a local attraction is also a good option to consider. Some places you might want to visit include a museum, an art gallery, or a favorite local landmark or park. 

There are many different things that you can do to get out of the office and spend some time together. Consider what the options are in your area and give your team a chance to get out and explore some new places while also spending time with their coworkers.

Planning the Perfect Employee Appreciation Event

If you want to show employee appreciation, you should host a celebration of some kind. Planning a party at a video game bar, taking your team to lunch, or recognizing your employees with formal awards and certificates are all great options to consider.

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