4 Unique Team-Building Activities to Get Your Employees Bonding

Did you know that team-building activities help prevent burnout in the workplace? Bonding time outside of the office helps strengthen work relationships and improve efficiency as well.

Are you a business owner looking for team-building ideas to boost morale? It’s important to select fun activities that your employees will enjoy so that it doesn’t seem like a chore.

The following guide will explore 4 unique team-building activities you need to try. Read on and start improving relationships and building trust in your office.

1. Hike to a Campsite

Hiking and camping overnight is a great way to incorporate leadership and problem-solving into your team-building event. It presents a safe physical challenge to your team while growing communication skills and trust.

Your team will need to practice problem-solving to overcome different challenges along the way. You might even consider adding a scavenger hunt element to your hike.

Once you arrive at your campsite, everyone must work together to set up camp for the evening. Examples include setting up tents, setting up seating, gathering wood, and building a firepit.

Prepare office trivia for your team to play while sitting around the campfire. Come up with around 20 – 30 questions about details of the office and employees, such as middle names and favorite foods.

The next morning everyone will need to break the campsite down and hike back together. It’s an excellent way to bond your team in a 24-hour time span.

2. Visit an Arcade Bar

For a more laid-back casual team-building experience, consider taking your team to an arcade bar. It’s a great way for co-workers to socialize while mixing in a little friendly competition with arcade classics, skeeball, shuffleboard, pool, and more.

Let’s face it, the idea of some team-building exercises might make your employees cringe. But having a few drinks while laughing and playing your fellow co-worker in air hockey is a guaranteed hit.

You can even rent out the entire arcade so that your team has the entire place to themselves. Arcades like Emporium even allow groups to cater their own food to make the event extra special for your employees.

Consider setting up a gaming tournament for your employees to participate in. You could also keep track of high scores for particular games and award prizes at the end.

Visiting an arcade bar is such a different environment from an office that it’s sure to create a memorable experience. For example, imagine challenging the boss to a round of Dance Dance Revolution!

3. Murder Mystery Event

Murder mystery games promote participation by each team member and require a lot of teamwork and problem-solving. Every team member plays a role crucial role in the experience.

Keep in mind that murder mysteries work better for smaller groups, so plan accordingly. They’re also great virtual team-building events because they force everyone to stay engaged in the game.

Teams must function together to investigate clues, ask questions, and crack the mystery. You can choose a themed murder mystery, such as the 1920s, and ask your team to dress accordingly.

Some murder mysteries are scripted or turn-based. Team members play characters and receive clues to learn about their involvement as the game goes on.

Interactive murder mysteries are another option that works well for team building. Team members get details about their characters right at the start of the game. Then, they must solve the mystery without depending on a script.

4. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms help create team cohesion and build communication skills. They require problem-solving, time management, and out-of-the-box thinking.

You and your team get locked in a room and must complete a sequence of puzzles in a certain amount of time to escape. Together, you’ll have to brainstorm how to solve each thrilling puzzle.

Typically, escape rooms don’t consist of trivia questions or require previous experience with puzzles. So, everyone has a chance to participate equally regardless of their background.

Most importantly, they’re a lot of fun and unlock skills you might not have known different team members have. Having a little excitement outside of the office can help reduce stress and burnout.

Other Benefits of Team-Building Activities

Team-building activities can help a business boost its productivity by motivating employees to work toward a shared goal. Teams are more likely to put in the maximum effort if they all feel connected.

Taking team members out of their normal work environment can help them view standard work conditions differently. Team building activities encourage creativity to help find solutions to complex problems at work.

With more companies having employees work remotely, it’s important to connect team members from different locations. Something as simple as a virtual lunch can help remote employees get to know each other better.

Scheduling team-building activities can help reduce problems by giving employees the confidence to address issues early. It also helps employees relate to their colleagues’ perspectives.

Improved confidence can help employees contribute their ideas and improve your company’s workflow. It will also help them develop trust with their co-workers, which can create more independent team members.

Ready to Improve Your Team?

Now you know 4 awesome team-building activities to help take your office to the next level. Remember the activities in this guide and watch the confidence, morale, trust, and motivation of your team grow.

You can contact us at Emporium for more information about renting out our entire arcade for your next event. Whether it’s a team-building event or celebrating a colleague’s birthday, we’ve got you covered with flexible party solutions!

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