5 Fun Company Event Ideas to Boost Employee Morale

Employees are one of the most important parts of a company, and you need to make sure yours are happy and motivated.

Business comes first, but if you run a fun company, it can make your employees a lot happier about working there. Event hosting is a great way to increase morale and employee satisfaction. The question is, what kind of events can you put on?

Let’s take a look at some fun work events you can organize to boost morale within your organization.

1. A Trip to an Arcade Bar

It doesn’t get much better than an evening of fun and games. The Emporium Arcade Bar is the perfect corporate event venue for this, offering a selection of games like pinball, air hockey, and foosball. We also have a huge selection of classic arcade games that are not only fun but incredibly nostalgic.

Our bar offers a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. We also have event nights with live music that can be great for work outings.

2. Host an Employee Sports Day

Everyone loves a bit of friendly competition, and a sports day is ideal. Your employees can take part in a range of events that will serve as an interesting change of pace from standard work days.

This can be a great morale booster both as something to take part in and simply just something for people to look forward to. Exercise can help improve mental focus and performance, so doing this from time to time should help your employees be more productive at work.

3. Introduce Themed Office Days

An office is a professional environment, but that doesn’t mean people can’t occasionally unwind. Every now and then, you could organize a theme day to make work a bit more fun.

You can pick a theme or let your employees make the decision. It’s a great way to boost spirits without taking any time off, and these days can often be more productive than standard work days.

4. Try Out an Escape Room

Escape rooms have become incredibly popular in recent years. These are a great choice for corporate events if you want to offer something fun and exciting.

Escape rooms are excellent team-building exercises that put people under pressure in a fun environment. You can even group people who don’t usually work together in the same teams to help foster relationships throughout your organization.

5. Run a Bake-Off

Another easy-to-organize event is a bake-off. Encourage anyone who wants to take part to bake their favorite treats at home and bring them into the office. You can run this as a competition or simply a morale booster in which everyone can enjoy some baked goods in the office.

The Key to Running a Fun Company

Business isn’t all fun and games, but making sure your employees like working for you will have a huge impact on the success of your organization. Ensuring yours is a fun company will help keep your team motivated so that they can work towards your business goals.

If you’re looking for a fun corporate night out, Emporium Arcade Bar is the perfect choice. You can have a regular group outing or come to one of our many dedicated events. Make your group booking today.

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