7 Unique Corporate Event Ideas for You to Consider

Party planning can be fun but can also leave you feeling stressed. So how do you entertain everyone without accidentally creating a cliche event?

Luckily, the corporate event sphere has grown over the past few years to encompass tons of unique and engaging options. 

If you’re throwing a corporate event and need some advice regarding the theme, venue, and activities, keep reading to find seven ideas for must-attend corporate events. 

1. Get Competitive with Sports

If you’re looking for a way to help your event attendees get to know one another while having fun, putting together a sports competition is a great way to do so. 

Separate everyone into teams to play kickball, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball; you name it! You might even create t-shirts that have your company’s name or logo on them for the different teams to wear during the event. 

Don’t want to play sports yourself, but still want to enjoy them? That works, too! 

Take your event attendees to a professional football, basketball, or baseball game to let everyone get in on the fun of being a spectator. Don’t forget to stock up on the stadium foods while you’re there. 

2. Book a Party at an Arcade Bar

People love to play games, and they also love to drink, so why not give them both?

When you book a party at an arcade bar for your next company event, there are plenty of ways for guests to entertain themselves. They can play pool, air hockey, pinball, classic video games…you name it! 

And they can do all of this while having access to a full bar and fun music. Add some catered food into the mix, and you’ve thrown a bash to remember.

This option is great if you’re looking for a way to encourage guests to relax and have fun in a lively environment. 

3. Put Together a Sushi-Making Class

There are lots of ways to customize this idea to make it fit your unique event, so even the non-sushi lovers will have a great time!

Hire a professional sushi maker to lead the event, or opt for a DIY version and have your event attendees follow along with a virtual instructor. Have all of the sushi ingredients on hand, so everything is ready to go.

Don’t feel like you have to stick with traditional sushi! You might offer dessert sushi ingredients or even hamburger sushi ingredients to get a little more creative. 

Once everyone has made their sushi (and tasted it!), you can let people decide who made the best. 

4. Host a Karaoke Battle

Whether you’re good at singing or not, karaoke is always a fun way of getting the party going while having good old-fashioned fun!

Throw the karaoke party at a karaoke venue, or bring the party to your own office by renting a karaoke machine and all the accessories so you can have a blast in your own space. 

Have everyone put in suggestions for which songs they’d like to sing and create an encouraging atmosphere so everyone will want to join in! 

Turn the karaoke party into a karaoke battle by having people face off against one another to see who takes home the prize. Order some food and drinks for people to enjoy as the singing is taking place, and you’ve got yourself a successful event. 

5. Throw a Themed Costume Party

Themed costume parties create endless opportunities for personalization and fun.

If you want your corporate event to be classy and elegant, consider throwing a Hollywood soiree or a Great Gatsby-themed party. If the high-end vibe isn’t what you’re going for, you could opt for an under-the-sea, through the decades, or wild west theme instead.

If you want to hone in on a theme from television, you might even go for a Harry Potter, Marvel, Stranger Things, or The Office costume party.

Look for corporate event venues that will fit your theme and make guests feel like they’re in the themed environment. Don’t forget decorations, music, and theme-appropriate foods!

The sky’s the limit with themed costume parties. Just make sure each element fits with the vibe you’re trying to create, so the event is cohesive. 

6. Create a Wine Tasting Experience

Corporate events don’t always have to be elaborate and action-packed. For an event that’s more laid-back, plan a wine tasting for the event attendees to experience. 

Bring everyone to a local vineyard and rent out a room where everyone can gather to taste the wines and socialize. You might also have an employee of the vineyard take the event attendees on a tour of the property so they can see how the wine is grown and produced, if possible. 

If wine isn’t your favorite, feel free to change it up and offer a beer tasting instead! You might bring everyone to a local brewery where they can sample local brews and take a tour there, too. 

As another alternative, hire a professional mixologist to teach everyone how to make a specific drink as a more interactive event idea. Again, there are tons of ways to customize this concept!

7. Work Together on a Scavenger Hunt

A great company has great teamwork, and a scavenger hunt is a perfect way to help foster this! 

These days, you don’t even have to put the scavenger hunt together yourself. Whether you have a scavenger hunt company plan the outing or you use a local scavenger hunt app, event attendees can explore the city together while checking off a list of things they must find.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to bring people together and put everyone’s problem-solving skills to the test. 

Separate everyone into teams and see who can complete the scavenger hunt first! Make sure each team documents its exploration and findings by taking photos along the way, too. 

Make Your Next Corporate Event One to Remember

Don’t let the pressure of trying to plan the perfect corporate event get to you. By choosing one of these unique event ideas, your party is sure to be a huge success.

If an arcade bar sounds like what your event needs, we’re here to help! Book your party now and enjoy all the games, entertainment, and drinks we have to offer. 

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