How to Plan the Best Adult Birthday Party

Big birthday celebrations become less popular as people age. However, nine in ten Americans still consider birthday celebrations important

If you’re planning someone’s — or your own — adult birthday party, you need to put some effort into party planning to ensure that it goes well.

It’s not easy to throw a party, however. How can you ensure that everything will go right?

This article will walk you through everything you need to do to plan a great adult birthday party. 

Pick the People 

The most essential part of any party is the right people. 

Figure out how many people you want at this party. Is it going to be an all-out bash or a more casual experience with a few close friends?

The wrong people for a party can throw off the atmosphere just as much as too many or too little. We recommend inviting a few more people than you want to come to a party since it’s rare that every single person invited to a party can make it. 

After you pick out your people, you’ll have an easier time figuring out which venue you want. If your venue contains customization options the number of people will help this as well. 

Pick the Date

Make sure you begin your party planning in advance so you can pick out a good, convenient date that works out for everyone.

We also recommend sending out an “RSVP by…” date, so you can get a better idea of how many people are showing up to the party. If people don’t respond by this day, you can assume that they won’t come. 

Don’t feel limited to picking someone’s actual birthday, the weekend before or after will work as well. People generally aren’t picky about this sort of thing. In fact, as long as it falls within the same month, you can extend this to two weeks before or after the birthday. 

By picking yourself a date early, you can easier figure out exactly what you want to do at your venue location. 

Chose Your Venue

The wrong venue can easily destroy the atmosphere of a party. If you pick a place that people don’t like, the conversation will be stilted.

A great venue doesn’t just act as a meeting place. It allows you the opportunity to create a memorable experience that people will never forget. 

Emporium has a large space that’s capable of holding all different sorts of events. You can head there to see everything from wrestling to live music to DJs. You can also make use of this space to book music or DJ of your pleasing, for the ultimate birthday experience. 

The sound and lighting setup makes it the perfect fit for your live party experience. The space is adaptable and will be able to fit whatever your party demands. 

This isn’t the only advantage of emporium, however. Emporium isn’t just a venue but a bar. Alcohol is hyper-important to adult birthday parties — rather than having to go out to a bar afterward, why not book your party at a place that’s also a bar? 

This isn’t just your ordinary venue that also serves drinks either. At Emporium, you can get choice beer selections, creative cocktails, and choose from a huge whiskey list. 

Emporium is also an arcade, so you can rest assured that your partygoers won’t run out of things to do at the birthday party you’re planning. It contains a variety of arcade cabinets — new and old — as well as classics like Fussball. 


When you book a party with Emporium, you don’t just sign yourself up for one experience, but for a variety of options. Groups of 30 and less generally get the space reserved for free and handle their own cash bar.

You can choose to bring your own food in, or get your event catered. This is the perfect way to pair your favorite restaurant with the Emporium experience. If you want, you can eat out and then settle down at Emporium for the night. 

If your party is full of people who want to hit up the arcade, you can reserve yourself tokens. All games take between 1 and 4 tokens and one token is equal to around 25 cents. If all of the people in your party want to play all night, you can reserve unlimited tokens for 20 dollars per person. 

You can also customize the way that you handle drinks at your event. If you want, you can open a group tab, which comes with a maximum tab limit or drink cost per drink. This is a great way to help your party-goers worry less while they party. 

If your group hits a certain size, you can go with the drink ticket option. This will make ordering drinks even quicker and easier. Once again, if you’re willing to shell out a little more money, you can create a more convenient experience for your customers. 

The ultimate option for convenience, however, is the drink wristband option. These much be purchased by every member of a party. It creates an open-bar experience for your partygoers that will ensure your evening rolls along smoothly. 

Plan a Great Adult Birthday Party 

Adult birthday parties aren’t quite as popular as kids’ birthday parties. However, if you put the right effort in, you can plan an adult birthday party that’s just as amazing as any kid’s birthday party. 

To learn more about planning spectacular events, contact us today. 

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