Why Your Next Team Outing Should Be at Emporium (+ Planning Tips)

While many people think of play as something for children, adults need to add a little fun to their lives, too. Arcade games and similarly fun activities are mentally stimulating, exciting and boost your creativity and hopefulness. They also help you tackle stress and stay healthy and motivated.

Employee well-being is a fundamental foundation for any workplace, so a team outing to an exciting locale is a great way to boost morale around the office. Read on to learn why Emporium is your one-stop shop for fun things to do as a group (and the benefits of hosting your event here.)

The Practical Benefits of Team Building

There are a wide range of proven reasons why having a fun outing with a corporate team is important. Employees socializing and bonding improves communication in the workplace by over 50%, while the lack of socialization can decrease productivity by 21%.

It can also help you retain employees. People who feel like they belong at work are 54% more likely to stick around for the long haul.

In addition to this, team building can make people better innovators. Communication and collaboration increase critical thinking and originality. Plus, employees will be less stressed after having fun… and they’ll feel more comfortable communicating with coworkers after sharing experiences.

To reap these benefits, though, you’ll need to choose the right locale for your team-building night.

Why Emporium?

Emporium is a great venue for anyone who wants to have a good time, so we can take your company event to the next level. We have a huge range of classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Super Mario. You’ll also be able to play pinball and other nostalgic games.

Arcade games are always a good way to relax and unwind, but they’re far from the only thing we have to offer. Your team can also take advantage of a perfectly-curated bar with high-quality beers and cocktails. When people drink together, they build a strong bond and one-of-a-kind memories.

Emporium also features a huge range of live events. Some of these are gaming tournaments, while others are live music and DJs. Video parties are also periodically available, so you can choose to bring your corporate team to Emporium on a special night if you want to up your game.

Some awesome benefits of an Emporium team-building event include:

  • Letting natural leaders shine with competitive arcade games
  • Getting an adrenaline rush from live entertainment
  • Positive nostalgic feelings with old favorite games
  • The ability to win prizes that help people remember the event
  • Constant social activities like pool and skeeball

Planning Tips for Your Team Outing

To start planning a team outing at Emporium, you’ll first need to choose a date. If there’s a special event that you want to attend, set aside time for it.

If you just want to have fun with drinks and arcade games, choose a Friday night (or another night where you don’t have work the next day). Weekends generally are busy for many people, so you want to choose your final work night of the week.

Sending Out Invites

It’s important that you tell your team about the event at work. However, before booking with Emporium, you’ll need an estimated head count. There’s no better way to do this than sending out e-vites!

Create an email invitation that takes people to a simple survey page. Let them RSVP there so that all of the attendees’ names will be in one easy-to-access location. This will keep you organized throughout the booking process.

Booking a Table

All members of your group need to be 21+ years old with valid IDs. Assuming that’s the case, you can then book a table with us. If you have more people in the group, you’ll need a few tables, so take a head count and leave the rest to us. 

If you want a special private reserved area, you can also opt for a paid space rental. But usually, you won’t need to do this – most people spend their time at Emporium walking around, chatting, and gaming.

Drink Packages

There are several drink package options for large teams at Emporium. If you don’t want to put things on a company tab, the cash bar option lets people pay the normal price for their own drinks.

However, getting a group tab paid for by the company is a great way to get more people to attend your team-building night. People will also feel cared for by the business, which increases their satisfaction. 82% of employees want to be viewed as people rather than just employees, and this is a great way to show you care.

Plus, you can request a maximum tab limit (like ‘do not go over $500’) and let people get free drinks until the group hits this tab amount. At this point, you would switch to a cash bar. You also could say that only certain drinks are allowed on the tab or that there’s a $5 or $7 limit for the specific drinks allowed on the tab.

These are far from our only packages, so do your research and learn more!

Getting Tokens

After you have your table set aside and your drinks on reserve, it’s time to get a token package for your event.

When bought individually, each token is 25¢. Games take between one and four tokens.

If you plan to come to a Chicago location or to the New Orleans Emporium, you can email us with the number of people in your group. We’ll tell you how you can get a discounted token package. If you get this option, tokens won’t each cost 25¢ but will have a reduced bulk rate, so it’s more economical. 

In San Francisco, you can get unlimited tokens for $20/person after confirming your reservation.

Start Planning Your Company Event

Now that you know why Emporium is the perfect venue for your next team outing, it’s time to learn more about our group activities for coworkers and company higher-ups.

We offer bar and arcade entertainment, but you can also enjoy live music and other exclusive events. Give us a shout to ask any more questions you have about Emporium and how you can book a party for free!

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